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District 3 Magistrate

Magistrate District 3
Sammy Baker (2007)
(270) 378-6496

Magistrate Sammy Baker. I am currently serving my first term.  I am a life long resident of Adair County having grown up in the Sparksville Community of Adair County as the son of the late Zora and Sam Baker.  My father served a four-year term as magistrate in the Sparksville-Nell Community.  I was proud of the deeds that my father would tell me about his job of magistrate and have always had aspiration of being a magistrate.  My wife of forty years is Nadene (Bledsoe) Baker.  We have two sons, Tim and Brent.  We have four grandchildren.  I believe that I will enjoy serving as magistrate because of the many friends and neighbors that I may be able to help through the fiscal court.  I believe that people would enjoy visiting or moving to District 3 because of the beautiful scenery and friendly residents, abundant wildlife, hunting, fishing, and the quiet atmosphere that District 3 has to offer.  The population in District 3 has seen tremendous growth mostly from people moving from the hustle of urban life to the quiet rural and less stressful life of our communities.  There are many improvements that I believe can and will help our district.  I believe we need county water to every resident in the district as well as the need for better built roads.  I know that we need more industry in a county that has such a tremendous amount of resources to offer.  Currently my greatest concern for my district is the replacement of the bridge on Highway 55S that goes across the Glensfork Creek.  This is a dangerous, narrow, and heavy traffic bridge.  I believe along with community leaders, state, and local government support of our community we can solve this problem.  I sincerely want to be a servant and magistrate to all the people of District 3 and the residents of Adair County.  Please contact me at any time.


Last Updated 6/6/2007