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Adair County Sheriff

Sheriff Ralph Curry.Ralph Curry
(270) 384-2776


  • Alice Stephens
  • Suzanne Rogers


  • Bill Troutwine
  • Bruce McCloud
  • Nathan Bradshaw
  • Tracy McCarrol

The responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Department include:

  • assisting the court system
  • providing a court bailiff and transportation of prisoners
  • providing canine control and protections for the citizens of Adair County
  • investigating accidents and working traffic control
  • making the highways safer by enforcing traffic laws and issuing DUI’s
  • serving court documents
  • collecting county taxes
  • investigating crimes
  • issuing Carry Concealed Weapons permits
  • enforcing drug and gambling laws
  • investigating traffic accidents
  • protecting and securing our schools
  • inspecting vehicles

Future plans for the Sheriff’s Office include courteous, dedicated service from all staff members and increased pressure on drug trafficking.


Last Updated 6/6/2007