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Emergency Management

EMD Greg Thomas.Greg Thomas, Adair County Emergency Management Director

The office of Emergency Management is the agency of county government having primary responsibility and authority for:

  • The planning and execution of disaster and emergency mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery for Adair County
  • The coordination of disaster and emergency response by and between county agencies and political subdivisions
  • Coordination with related agencies of the state and federal government
  • Coordination of recovery operations subsequent to disaster and emergencies
  • Coordination of hazard mitigation planning activities.

The office of Emergency Management is further responsible for the preparation and maintenance of a comprehensive plan for the disaster and emergency response of Adair County.  The plan is integrated and coordinated with the disaster and emergency response plans of the state and federal governments. This office conducts annual disaster exercises. These exercises range from the simple table top exercise, to elaborate, full scale exercises.  Aircraft emergencies, hazardous materials spills, terrorism incidents and severe weather events have been simulated to better prepare the emergency response personnel of Adair County.  Disaster preparedness education has also been an important aspect of the emergency management program of Campbell County.  The Adair County Emergency Management Office conducts several public awareness campaigns throughout the year.

Remember: Don't Panic! 
In an emergency, think clearly, act quickly, and know what is going on.  Get the latest forecasts, and instructions from the Emergency Alert System (EAS), NOAA weather radio, local TV, and radio stations.

Know the Difference

Means that severe weather may be on the way, so be prepared.

Means severe weather is happening now and you should get to safety.


Emergency Numbers

Police, Ambulance, Fire, Rescue
Dial 911

Adair County Sheriff,

(270) 384-2776

Columbia Police Department,

(270) 384-4119

Regional Poison Control Center
(800) 222-1222

American Red Cross
(270) 634-2171

Kentucky Utilities
(800) 981-0600

Adair County Water Department
(270) 384-2181

Columbia Water and Gas
(270) 384-2006

Adair County Emergency Management
(270) 378-1885


Last Updated 6/6/2007